Kevin C. Albert, MD
Kevin C. Albert, MD
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Hoosick Street Pediatrics has now been on an Electronic Medical Record (EMR)/Electronic Health Record (EHR) for five years, now. We have moved all recent paper records into the EMR and are using much less paper than "in the old days..." (You might notice that the space where Scott is sitting is the size of the closet that used to house three large filing cabinets full of medical records... )
Our EMR has provided easier communication between offices/hospitals, easy storage and retrieval of records, the ability to use a patient portal,  and many other g
reat efficiencies. 

One of the items that should be included in the patient's chart is a profile picture. This is used for patient identification when the patient that is being seen/checked in.  

To be entered into the monthly Ice Cream contest, log-in to the patient portal and send us a message with a photograph of your child, to be used as their profile picture in their chart. Directions for sending a message through the portal can be found here and at the bottom of this page.

This is not a requirement, and you do not have to participate in this part of the EMR if you are not comfortable.  Photographs that are sent to our office will only be used for identification purposes and are a part of the patient's chart, and are therefor protected by HIPAA, They cannot be accessed by anyone other than office staff, and will not ever be used for any other purpose other than the care of your child. 
Directions for sending a message through the patient portal.

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